Feeding board / feeding house for Friday sweets for squirrels - incl. peanut butter



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Food board/food stand for peanut butter for squirrels


  • Feeding board arranged for squirrels
  • Size of the board approx. 12.3 x 24.5 x 18.5
  • The jar of peanut butter can be replaced
  • Roof protected
  • A glass of peanut butter with food for squirrels is included
  • Find extra peanut butter here .

Squirrels like to eat nuts of various kinds and sunflower seeds. With the feeding board you get good opportunities to observe the agile squirrel. You should preferably not place the feeding board in full sun. 

Why have a squirrel feeder?

Having a squirrel feeder in your garden or outdoor area can be beneficial in several ways. Here are some benefits of having a squirrel feeder:

  1. Entertainment: Squirrels are known for their playful behavior and acrobatic skills. A food stand can provide entertainment and enjoyment for people in the area, especially children who can enjoy watching the squirrels play and juggle around the food stand.

  2. Biodiversity: By offering food for squirrels, you contribute to the local biodiversity by attracting and supporting this natural animal species. This can be part of conservation efforts to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

  3. Natural pest control: Squirrels are known to eat insects, larvae and small pests. By attracting squirrels to your area, they can help control pest populations and thus preserve plants and trees.

  4. Learning and observation: A feeding stand provides an opportunity to learn more about the behavior and habits of the squirrels. It can be a learning experience for both adults and children to observe the squirrels and understand their lifestyle.

  5. Increased awareness of nature: By having a squirrel feeding stand, you create a connection between people and nature. This can raise awareness of local wildlife and promote a sense of responsibility to preserve and respect nature.

  6. Photo opportunities: Squirrels are photogenic and can give photographers and nature lovers a chance to capture beautiful moments in nature. Photographing the squirrels at the feeder can be a fun and rewarding activity.

  7. Help in the winter months: Especially in winter, a food stand can benefit the squirrels by giving them easy access to extra food when natural food sources are scarce.

  8. Strengthening society's ties with nature: A squirrel feeding stand can create community and cohesion among the residents of an area who share an interest in supporting local wildlife.

It is important to choose suitable feed that does not harm the squirrels and to place the feed stand in a way that does not make the squirrels vulnerable to predators. Overall, a squirrel feeding stand can create a positive connection between people and nature as well as help preserve and support the local ecosystem.